Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 330 (Dog Park)

My mom and I went with Erin to take Jax to a dog park today; it was the first time either my mom or I had been to a dog park. I suppose if you don't own a dog there wouldn't really be a reason to go to a dog park...

Then we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. This place had some of the coolest exhibits I've ever seen! The displays are designed to pull you in, so the rain-forest exhibit looks like an actual rain forest, the different cultures of the world are displayed in houses that look like they would be from that part of the world. You can easily spend an entire day here.

The best part was the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit. It's deigned to look like nighttime in Milwaukee at the turn of the century. You walk down cobblestone streets and peer into windows to see the townspeople going about their business, frozen in time. I couldn't get pictures of the streets and the outsides of the houses because my camera doesn't really work in low light; these are pictures of the insides of the well-lit houses.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: This is where we had dinner. I wouldn't recommend the dinner, but the frozen custard here is really good. (Doug took this picture with his snazy iphone.)


  1. I don't know why it makes me think of this, but the Streets of Old Milwaukee would make a really cool setting for a scene in a horror movie. I guess I always think mannequins are slightly creepy.

  2. Mannequins! That's the word I was looking for!