Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 323 (Minneapolis)

I spent most of the day indoors listening to people give testimonies for the proposed change to the ordination standards (they want to get rid of the part that says the only people that can be ordained are those that are celibate or in a monogamous heterosexual marriage) and advocates for and against the change. Listening to some of the people talk was hard, especially because a lot of the people speaking against the change were so-called "ex-gays." You could tell that they were speaking from a place of deep psychological wounding and self-hatred. I couldn't even be mad because I felt so sorry for them. On the plus side, two people from That All May Freely Serve, the group I'm working with, gave their testimonies, as well as some of the youth from the group that worked with us on the art project yesterday. There were several times that I was moved to tears.

Later in the day, we had a chance to sit with the newly elected moderator and share our stories. It was a wonderful experience.

Because I spent most of my day indoors, I don't have too many pictures to share today, but here are some that I took of the city that I took while Katherine, my mom and I made our way to the convention center.

2 pictures from the exhibit hall. As you can see, the "Gee Whiz" art project is on a roll!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: When we got to the convention center this morning, we were greeted by Daniel on stilts!


  1. The irony of someone on stilts posing next to a little filipina lady is just killing me.

    If they're handing out stilts, your mom needs to try them out, so SHE can be the tall one.


  2. No, they're not handing them out. And, I seriously doubt my mom would ever try stilting, LOL.