Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 345 (Washington D.C.)

Lots of pictures to upload today, so here goes!

Today was our first day in Washington D.C. It took us an hour to drive to the train station from where we're staying and another 1/2 hour to get into the city. Not the most efficient set-up, but it works for now.

Once we got there, we bought a 2 day bus tour of the city. A lot of these pictures, but not all, are from the bus. Our first stop was the Native American museum because we had been told the food there is really good, and by the time we had gotten ourselves oriented, it was time for lunch!

They weren't kidding about the food! We had bison steak with mixed berry sauce, salt cod salad with hearts of palm, wild rice salad and a pine nut and rosemary tart for dessert! The cafeteria had a "native foods" theme to go with the theme of the museum, and it's basically a sure thing that we're going to have lunch there tomorrow to sample what else they have to offer!

After that, we saw some stuff...

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument

World War I Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Ford Theater where Lincoln was assassinated

Some other pictures from our visit...

My mom in her dream garden at the National Botanical Garden's Orchid Room

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Since some of you readers may not get the chance to visit our nation's capital, I've decided to include in my blog a rare look at the back of the statue in the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy!