Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 327 (Mall of America)

My mom and I went to the Mall of America today when we had some down time. We couldn't stay as long as we wanted because we got called back to clean up the church we've been using as our home base this week. But, I did get some interesting pictures. This place is nuts!!! There is an entire amusement park in the middle of the mall, a miniature golf course and more stores than I can even think of!

There was this one place called MagicQuest, where you go in and walk around and battle things with your magic wand. I had never heard of a place like this, but I thought the concept was cool. It didn't seem interesting enough for me to want to spend money on it, but it was fun to look at the people doing it. When I asked if I could just go in a look around, I was told, "In order to let you inside, we would have to take some of your gold and we can't let you in without a wand for protection."

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Here is an assortment of magic wands to choose from before entering the "forest," kind of like Ollivander's in Harry Potter. The whole time I kept thinking about how my school looks like Hogwarts and how we should have something like this so we can choose our wands before class.

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