Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 328 (Cheese)

Today was the last day of the General Assembly, and we had a tearful worship service to say good-bye to all of our new friends. I'm not really sure who these people are in this picture, though, I just took it because Heather was posing with them as I walked into the convention hall.

Before we left Minnesota, my mom and I went back to the Mall of America to watch Eclipse and go to the aquarium. I didn't think Eclipse was very good, again the book was much better than the movie, but the aquarium was fun.

In case you doubt how important cheese is to Wisconsin, this is where my mom and I had dinner.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: The sign that drew us to the restaurant.


  1. in the picture with heather, the lady in the back and to our far left is heather's sister, jennifer!

    have fun in wisconsin.... if you find any cute toy cows, i'll reimburse you when you get back ;)

  2. You have to love those Wisconsians.

    "Cheese" bigger than "food"? As though, one, cheese is not just a type of food and, two, it is more important than food. That's some serious cheese love right there!

  3. We ordered deep fried cheese curds as an appetizer and they were SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! But, the serving was enormous, so when dinner came (thin crust pizza with more cheese than crust) I could only eat 2 slices and my mom could only eat one.

  4. ooooooh yummy... deep fried curds are amazing :)