Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 322 (4th of July)

We started today with a massive worship service. One little girl was even baptized there. What kind of strings do you need to pull to have your child baptized at the General Assembly?

After the service, we gave out coffee and cookies, much to the delight of those leaving the worship who thought there was not going to be the traditional after-worship coffee hour. (look at how excited my moms is!)

After that, a youth group came to help us with our "Post-Secret" type art project we named "Gee Whiz." There are some really creative kids out there! (Mine is the muffin one.)

Then, it was off to the 4th of July picnic on Nicolet Island. The fireworks were really intense; the loudest by FAR that I have ever heard! It sounded like they were firing cannons! (Which I suppose is appropriate for the holiday.)


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