Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 335 (Ohio)

We made it to Ohio today. My Aunt and Uncle live in the middle of NOWHERE! I talk about how my parents live in the middle of nowhere, but they're 5 minutes from the city. Here is a view from the front of the house.

I was greeted by this little guy hiding in the grass.

They have all kinds of plants growing on the property and grow lots of vegetables.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: My uncle told me that this large black flower is the native West Virginia Sunflower.


  1. LOL

    all of Ohio is the middle of nowhere... it's the armpit of the nation, right under that most beautiful and blessed state that is God's hand on earth! :)

  2. Sorry Christina, Pennsylvania can do circles around Michigan. And Ohio isn't all that bad. There are some pretty parts in Ohio. But Youngstown, OH isn't one of those pretty parts!

  3. What are you guys talking about? anything East of the Mississippi/Missouri is Ghetto. And the shape of Michigan definitely looks like an armpit... not to mention the smell.

  4. It looks really pretty and green and you know how I love the creatures. I'm a little envious of your Aunt and Uncle. It's really nice that you're going to be able to spend some time with them there.

  5. Christina: Yeah, even my Aunt and Uncle said there is nothing to see in Ohio. They took us to a whole other state today, West Virginia, for sight-seeing!

    Chris: Well, you'll have a chance in a few days to prove to my mother and I just how cool Pennsylvania is!

    Ryan: Chicago was cool, but the people turn into monsters when they get into cars.

    Carly: You would love it here! But maybe not the heat and humidity?

  6. ryan, you're a jerk... michigan is not the armpit and it happens to be mitten shaped thankyouverymuch:P

  7. Looks like a sweaty hairy armpit to me. :)