Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 343 (Liberty Bell)

Today we explored Philadelphia! Mary Katheryn and her girlfriend Audra took us to church this morning, then it was off to Campo's for some Philly cheese steaks, which were awesome!

After lunch, we toured the Ben Franklin Museum which is near where his house used to be.

Ben Franklin invented this musical instrument based on water glasses. It's called an "armonica" and has a pretty spooky sound. If you look up "armonica" on YouTube, you can find videos of people playing it.

This was part of Independence Mall, which is home to the National Constitution Center, the home of Betsy Ross, the Liberty Bell among many other attractions. Here are some pictures of a museum that we went to, but that I can't remember the name of O_o.

This was super creepy...

As was this...

The Jelly Bean people were supposed to symbolize how we're all the same inside, and the eyes were supposed to symbolize the fact that the world is watching us, even though they are on a French flag...

Finally, we went to the Liberty Bell. No visit to Philly is complete without seeing the Liberty Bell. I am not going to deny it's historical significance, but the fact remains that it is simply a cracked bell. Iconic? Yes. Exciting? No.

This lady, however, was sooooo excited about seeing it, she started rolling around on the floor...

...actually, she just wanted to take picture of what it looked like from underneath.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Read the plaque very carefully.


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