Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 346 (Capital Building)

So, it turns out I have a friend that works in the White House. I think I knew this already, but I may have filed it away under "interesting information that I probably won't ever need." He's been my friend for a very long time, and I'm pretty sure I knew that he did work at the White House at one point, but I wasn't sure if he still did or not. Turns out he does, and he scheduled a tour of the Capital Building for us this morning! It was very cool. We did not go to the Capital Building directly, we had to go to my congresswoman's office and one of her staff people led us through the underground tunnel to the Capital Building. After seeing the very long lines of the people waiting to tour the building, I was very glad that my friend did this for us. Anyway, here are some pictures of the Capital Building.

The tour guide is pointing to the layer of pieces from the Berlin Wall that are part of this Regan statue.

We left the Capital Building through another one of those underground tunnels, this one leading to the Library of Congress.

We were going to go to the Supreme Court, but it was hot and we were hungry and under those conditions, I did not care whether or not I saw the Supreme Court. Instead, we went back to the National Museum of the American Indian (I was calling it the Native American Museum yesterday O_o) and got a buffalo and duck burger with chili dusted fries, yellow squash sauteed in crushed peanuts and fry bread with blueberry sauce. We split everything and were still stuffed by the time dinner rolled around with my friend at 7:00!

The entrance hall to this museum had some large prisms installed in one of the windows and they create a very pretty light display that moves across the walls and floor as the sun moves.

Since it was so hot today, we decided to forgo looking at memorial and confine our activities indoors. So many people had told us about the Air and Space Museum that it seemed the logical choice.

This is the actual plane made by the Wright brothers, the first airplane ever made!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: This is a picture of an actual space module. Doesn't it look like some first graders made it out of construction paper and Elmer's glue?

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  1. Correction: Not the first airplane ever made. Tis was the plane with the first documented successful flight. :)