Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 331 (Millenium Park)

My mother and I left Milwaukee today, but not before Milwaukee showed us a few more things. We started our day with a leisurely stroll down the river walk.

Let's not forget "The Bronze Fonz."

These decorations were interesting; they were made out of cake and fish moulds. (molds?)

We went to The Safe House for lunch. This spy-themed establishment can be found at 779 Front St., which can only be described as an ally. Here are some shots from the outside.

Its cover is International Exports, Ltd. Can you find the hidden message in the sign?

You need to know the password to get in, and once inside, there are several signs saying that pictures are not allowed. However, as per my mission parameters, I did manage to get a few shots showing the layout of the building...

Once we left Milwaukee, it was off to beautiful Chicago. This was the most "L.A.-like driving" I'd had to do since the trip started, and I did not enjoy it. I'm going to have to give the people of Illinois a "D" on their driving skills. On-ramps are NOT A PASSING LANES!!!

We tried to go to McCormick Seminary, but it closed a half-hour before we got there. I walked around the building and found this strange creature which is apparently their mascot.

After that, we went to Millenium park, home of the famous "Mirrored Bean." (I just made up that name, I have no idea what it's called... wait... now that I think of it, I think it's called "Cloud Gate.)

There was an amphitheater there that looked like it was designed by the same person that designed the Disney Concert Hall.

This fountain was cool. L.E.D.'s would form giant faces that would then spit water on the people below.

Some weird sculptures.

The only way I can describe this one is that it was an evil red car with a pig, and a man and a woman dangling from its outstretched tongue.

I'm just gonna say that I don't get it.

There were even some park staff with birds of prey on their arms!

At first I didn't think too much about this sculpture.

But then, I noticed we had something in common...


Whew! That was a lot of pictures!

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