Friday, October 2, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 047 (Wise or Otherwise)

So, I've survived another week of seminary. Did really good on the Hebrew quiz today; might have gotten a point or two off for the translation portion, but if I do, it's totally the professor's fault cuz he never gave us any translation instruction. I don't understand why we would find the most wooden way to translate something anyway.

We all went to the Flatiron Grill for lunch; very good burgers over there. Watched Entourage and Brothers & Sisters, then it we had a game night.

I finally got to break into Wise or Otherwise, the super fun board game my sister gave me for my birthday. I've never played Balderdash, but I've been told that Wise or Otherwise is basically a proverb version of that game. You are given the first the first half of a proverb, and the proverbs are from all over the world. Each player needs to make up the 2nd half of the proverb and then everyone votes for which one they think is real. One of the ones we got tonight was a Moorish saying that started, "You must kiss a dog on the mouth..." I'm sure you can come up with all kinds of interesting ways to end that one. The real ending, believe it or not, is, "until you get what you want from him." Fun game.

Also learned about this new gamed called Pandemic, which puts an interesting twist on the board game. In this one, each player is part of the same team of specialists that is trying to stem the tide of several outbreaks of disease around the world, so instead of playing against each other, the players are all on the same team playing against the board. It was actually pretty hard and we lost twice before finally winning on the third try.

Overall a really good day. Now eating ice cream and watching Margaret Cho, the funniest comedian in the world.

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