Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 059 (Apple Curry)

Nothing too exciting today.

Leaf blower was going during Lectio... really distracting.

Did laundry.

Discovered a new use for apples.

Tried to study... failed.

Good episode of Glee tonight... which was good, because I was starting to get worried. Last week's episode was good, too. Maybe there's hope...

So, back to the apples. I know this isn't technically a "food blog" but food is a really important part of my life. And, since the current plan is to open a restaurant, it's important that I use my classmates as food guinea pigs... and it would seem they are only too happy to oblige. My next-door neighbor, Ryan, is allergic to onions, which forms the base of my curry sauce. I've been thinking long and hard, trying to come up with an acceptable substitute for onions, and the only thing that I thought would even come close is apples. Luckily, my parents brought a huge bag of apples from our backyard when they came up to visit. It was actually lucky on two counts, because I had no idea what I was going to do with all of those apples; they're not really the best for just eating.

I didn't do a full substitution, I kept in a half onion because I know Ryan can tolerate a little bit of onion, and I thought it was important to at least have some of the onion flavor. I made up for the missing 3 1/2 onions with 3 small apples and 2 asian pears, also from the backyard. The result tasted surprisingly like the original, if a little bit sweeter with a slight fruitiness to it. I'll have to let my mom know of my discovery so they can stop throwing away all those apples! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture; I'll try to remember for next time.

I already fed the apple curry to few people (not to mention eating a decent quantity of it myself) so Ryan, if you're reading this, you can claim the last serving for yourself, or wait until I make more. :-P

I have also discovered Marlboro pie, a delicious apple custard pie, but I'll have to save that for another post...

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