Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 062 (Procrastination)

I should be writing a paper, but I'm blogging instead. I could be studying for the History mid-term, but I'm blogging instead. I could do some reading for class, but I decided to blog. Why? Because, blogging is fun. Paper-writing is not fun. Studying is okay, I can kind of relax into that, but paper-writing is work. Boring work. And, the only way to make it not boring is to wait until the last minute to do it so that I'm so panicked about getting it done that it's not boring anymore. I did, however, manage to get the Intro to Ministry paper done today, and as a reward I am watching a movie... even though I should be moving on to one of the other two papers... because paper-writing is boring.

The movie I'm watching is Were the World Mine. It's about a gay boy in an all-boy's school that gets the lead part in the school play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Since it's an all-boy's school, the female roles are also played by boys, which the drama teacher defends by reminding everyone that in Shakespeare's time, women were not allowed to act on stage. That's as far as I've gotten in the movie, but it looks good so far!

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