Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 063 (Strange Days)

This will be the last post about movies for a while; I promise! I don't know why I've been watching so many movies lately! These strange sloth-like feelings have taken hold of me since Wednesday, and I haven't been able to shake them off. I've even been napping! Anyone that knows me knows that isn't normal! And, before anyone gets all freaked out, i don't think I'm sick. At least, I don't feel sick anyway.

So, the two movies I watched today were Thank You For Smoking and Edward Scissorhands, neither of which I had seen before, and both of which I highly recommend! I know some of you are thinking, "He's never seen Edward Scissorhands before??!?!?!" But, you have to remember that I was born and raised in the Chinappines, so my cultural upbringing is lacking in some areas.

I did manage to write another paper today, this one for Lectio Divina, however that was pretty much the extent of my productivity. Unless you want to count me rearranging my bedroom. It was getting on my nerves.


  1. You were raised in Philipina.

  2. The ancient and mysterious land of the Chinappines