Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 067 (Reading Week)

We are now one day and one Hebrew quiz away from Reading Week, which is a week in the middle of the semester where we have no classes. I assume the point of this week is to allow us to catch up on our class reading. This week cannot come soon enough. I'm a little bit surprised that I can still write coherent sentences right now after studying for the Church History midterm all night, getting 3 hours of sleep, taking the test and spending today writing the Old Testament paper. I still have to for the Hebrew quiz.

I think I did okay on the midterm; I know I didn't fail it. I'm hoping for a low "B," but I'll be happy with a "C." I just want to pass the class so that I will have one less history class in my life. History has always been my worst subject, so it should come as no surprise that it is the one class that I am struggling with up here. After this, there should just be History II, but I hear that's nowhere near as bad as History I. Then, I should never ever have to take a history class ever again. I've already managed to eradicate math classes from my life, I'm just one dreaded subject away from being "hated subject free."

Blah... might skip the studying...

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