Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 065 (Suicide Tuesday)

Another "Suicide Tuesday" comes to a close, and before I continue, I feel I need to explain the name I have given to this day of the week, just so as there won't be any confusion about why it's called that. It's not called "Suicide Tuesday" because it makes me want to commit suicide. It's called "Suicide Tuesday" because it's almost suicidal to try to do... that's a hyperbole, of course, for anyone that wasn't paying attention. There are definitely much worse things out there than my so-called "Suicide Tuesdays," but I like the name, and they are quite harrowing nonetheless.

Tuesdays for me start with Old Testament at 8:30. If I've been good and am caught up with my homework for the day, then I go to chapel at 10:00. If not, I sit in the class and do homework until 11:00 when Hebrew starts, which is conveniently in the same classroom. After Hebrew, it's time for lunch and then Improv at 2:00. Usually after Improv, I'm scrambling to get Sacred and the Substance homework done before the van leaves for the GTU at 6:00. Class starts at 7:10 and ends at 9:30, bringing us back to SFTS by 10:30, at which point I usually need to eat dinner and then do my Spirituality homework so that I can go to bed.

Tuesdays are kind of rough, and I will definitely plan my schedules a little bit better in the semesters to come.

One interesting thing of note: I drove the seminary vans to Berkley for the first time today. It was just a little bit nerve wracking because I've been driving around in a Prius for almost two years and Priuses are quirky little things, on top of which, mine does not utilize a key. (I'm not sure if all Priuses are like that; I just didn't want to assume.) Plus, I've never really paid that much attention on our previous trips to the GTU. Luckily, there were two people in the car that were very familiar with the route, so we didn't get lost.

There's a meteor shower tonight, but I don't know if I have the stamina to stay up to watch it. There will be others, I'm sure.

Now, on to the Spirituality homework!

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