Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 294 (Solvang)

I went to Solvang with my mom and two nephews today after church. It was nice seeing everyone again, but I had the nephews and we were planning on having lunch in Solvang, so I couldn't stay after the service and hang out with people.

We stopped at "Ostrich World," my first time, and fed the ostriches and emus. There was a sign that said "Fresh Ostrich Eggs," but we didn't see any for sale, and we weren't interested enough to inquire.

Solvang was fun, but it was kind of weird because there weren't that many people there. The last time I went in December, it was also a Sunday afternoon and there were tons of people there. My mom and I were speculating that it might be the bad economy, but December wasn't that long ago, and I remember there being a lot more people the other times I went there as well. Maybe people were doing their Christmas shopping last time.

In other news...

My mom has decided to join me on my road trip. (Should help with the expense ;-P) I just heard back from the group that I will be working with at the General Assembly that it's fine for her to stay with us. Should be an interesting experience, especially since my mother and I haven't really talked much about my sexuality since I came out to her 4 years ago. Hopefully this will help her get more comfortable with the whole GLBT thing.

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