Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 302 (Technology Makes People Stupid)

I have been cursed with the inability to interact with the technological world. I supposed this is somewhat ironic since I am writing a blog. I guess I should clarify and say that when anything goes wrong with any of the technology that I'm using, customer service for whatever company is involved can rarely if ever help me.

Since I am leaving for my road trip on Friday, I decided that I needed to set up an online account for my internet data card so that I will be able to check when I need to send in a payment. Simple enough right?

As is so often the case with me, the answer is no. And, I suppose this can all be traced back to the streak of stubbornness within me that causes me to do things in just enough of a different way to make me a problem customer.

So, I go to set up my account, and the website tries to send me a temporary password to activate it. Except I'm not trying to set up an account for a phone; it's for my data card. No problem, I think. I'll call customer service and they'll work this all out for me.

Turns out, after talking to three people, I have a Mac, and my cell phone is through AT&T, so they cannot help me. Typical. I love my Mac, but the world just isn't Mac friendly.

Another problem: my mail. I put a forwarding order on my mail when I moved to San Anselmo so that all of my mail would go there. Now that I'm home, I wanted all of my mail to come to Santa Rosa Valley, so I put in a new forwarding order so that my mail would come here. I haven't received any mail in a week. If I had to guess, the two forwarding orders are working to create an technological loop within the USPS system ensuring that my mail is never ever delivered as it circulates continuously between Northern & Southern California. Fun. I guess I need to go to the post office. Also fun.


  1. What a lovely bunch of coconuts!

  2. I should try squeezing some lime in it...