Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 308 (Salt Lake City)

So, the original plan was to stay in Salt Lake city for 2 nights and we ended up staying there for no nights. We got there, and the city looked practically deserted. We tried to find the temple, and got lost in a parking garage. It cost $2.00 for the wonderful experience of parking, trying to exit on foot, realizing we were getting nowhere, calling a confused person on the comm system for help who disappeared after we talked to him for a few minutes and finally driving out. The temple is located in the downtown area. Here is what the downtown area of this major metropolitan city looked like in the middle of the day.

Granted, it was Sunday. Maybe it's a Mormon thing? Anyway, we got to the temple, and we found where all the people were, but they were mostly tourists like us, with a few docents showing people around.

All of this got me wondering. Do we Presbyterians have anything like this in Scotland?

We decided that since it was so early in the day, that we would leave Salt Lake City and try to cover some of the distance to Yellowstone National Park. Because of all of the construction going on in the city, I got lost again, and accidentally found were all the people actually were, an outdoor mall/shopping street a la Santa Monica. Oh well, we have better things to do than waste our money, and now, because of all of the extra driving, we're only about 2 hours away from yellowstone! WOO HOO!!!



  1. That statue of the woman and the children skipping in a circle is super creepy. Maybe it's just because I know you were completely surrounded by Mormons at the time... o_O

  2. about in scotland.... in St Andrews and in Edinburgh, there are statues of John Knox preaching.... I'll bring my Scotland pictures back to California with me so you can see!

    glad to see you're having a good time.... are Dad and Kai going with you and Mom the whole way?

  3. Just statues? Temple Square is an entire block! And, it feels a little like Disneyland, except not as cool and without the rides.

    My dad and Kai are going to be heading home tomorrow while my mother and I will be heading to Ryan's. (LOL, that kind of rhymes!)

  4. yeah... like i said... i'll bring my pictures back. it's hard to explain :P

    have fun! tell ryan i said hey!