Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 295 (In Remembrance)

I just got some sad news today. A friend of mine, Mary Elizabeth Beckman, passed away recently. I've blogged about her before, right after she put on a little show for us at One Door Yoga.

On May 25, an anonymous person commented "May she rest in peace," on that blog entry. I originally thought it was somebody's idea of a bad joke, and I sent an email to Mary Elizabeth just to make sure she was alright. The email came back as undeliverable, so I went to her website. There was no mention of her death there, so I kind of just put the whole thing out of my mind. Now, I wish I had tried harder to get more information.

I originally met Mary Elizabeth during my 72 hours of discernment weekend, when a bunch of people came to visit the school to find out if San Francisco Theological Seminary was for them. There were about 12 of us I think. We clicked very fast as a group, and we had a really great time. Our last night there, Mary Elizabeth sang some songs for us, and I just remember how blown away we all were by her talent.

She decided to pursue her music instead of seminary, but did come over to play for us one night for one of our poetry nights. I was looking forward to getting to know her better. It just goes to show how we always take our tomorrows for granted.

I'm glad I got the chance to see her perform and that I was able to buy one of her CDs. She will be missed and the world will be just a little bit more dull for her absence.


  1. oh my god no.... no no no no no.... oh my god....

  2. wait - so how did she die? that's really weird since you and i were just talking about her on the drive home last week.

  3. I put a link to newspaper article about it. You can click on "passed away."

  4. JEEZ. and they dont know exactly what creepy, and sad.