Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 301 (Committee on the Preparation for Ministry)

I went to church today. It was especially important because I leave on Friday and won't be back until the end of August, and so I won't be seeing the wonderful members of my congregation who are supporting me through this ordination process again until then.

An old friend was there, the mother of one of the girls that used to be in my youth group when I was still a youth leader. Her daughter's birthday was today and she asked if I could come. Her daughter Katie turned 21 today. Twenty-one! GAWD I feel old!

Of course I said yes. I hadn't seen Katie in years, and I was hoping some of the other kids that had been in the youth group would be there. Unfortunately, none of them were, but another old friend from the church was there, a woman named Debbie who has known me since I was a little kid.

We got to talking, catching up on the past few years, reminiscing about days gone by and talking about the meaning of church and other theological questions. Then, another friend showed up, this one a girl that was in youth group with me when I was still in high school. I guess I can't really call her a girl anymore because she had her on-year-old twin girls in tow! (not to mention that she's as old as I am O_o)

The three of us talked for a while and I discovered that Debbie is on the Committee on the Preparation for Ministry! This is the committee that oversees those going through the ordination process!!! I'm supposed to meet with them at the end of August, and I was expecting to be walking into a room of complete strangers. I couldn't believe it! On top of that, I learned that the church that I grew up in isn't really all that conservative. In fact, it might be one of the more liberal churches in my presbytery! Of course, I'm not going under care with them because they're not my church anymore, but my current church has actually combined services with them recently, so who knows what that means for the future...

Anyway, this was quite a surprise! Isn't God amazing!

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