Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 309 (Yellowstone)

Our first stop today was Mesa Falls in Idaho. A nice lady working the tourist information desk at a rest stop told us about it, and we decided to stop by because it was on the way. I realized that during the rest of this road trip that I really need to make a point of talking to that locals and finding out about things that we really need to see or do while we're in the area.

We got to Yellowstone shortly after and overcame the nightmare of everyone trying to get into the same campground. A lot of the other campgrounds were full, so they opened up the Grant Village campground and we had to literally wait in line for an hour to register. Even then, they could only squeeze us into a group camsite and we need to go back tomorrow morning so they can move us. It sucks, but at least we got a site. After dinner, we went to watch Old Faithful, obviously a must-see if you ever come to the park.

Then, we walked around and looked at some of the other hot springs and geysers in the area. The gross looking mucus things are pictures of the bacteria beds that live in the mineral rich spring water.

While we were there, three bison decided to walk through! They were walking very slowly in a line, and when the second one walked over the boardwalk, he was so heavy, he broke the wood! They ended up walking across the field to the parking lot, much to the delight of all of the tourists.


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