Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 303 (Savory Cafe)

Stacey and I went to Ventura today so she could file her fictitious business license. I needed to go to Ventura so I could price some items at the antique stores for prizes for the booth that we're gonna have at the General Assembly. Our booth is going to have a diner theme and I was supposed to find some prizes that for a "Post Secret" type contest that we're gonna have. So, we went to Ventura together so we could spend some time with each other before I left on my two and a half month road trip.

Here's what I picked up, some tin wall decorations that we can use for decorations once the whole thing is over:

Afterwards, we had lunch at Savory Cafe in Ventura. This place was really cool! Stacey and I had a similar thought at pretty much the same time: that it was kind of like what we pictured my cafe would look like in the future. I like to tell people that I want the feeling you have when you go there to be like what you would feel like sitting in a garden at night. Of course, I'm not really sure what I mean when I say that, it's more of a feeling. Savory Cafe is decorated with a lot of plants and they have full coffee service and a pastry case. There's empty wine bottles on each of the tables displaying the wine list, and the food was really good. Definitely a nice place to hang out at if you're in that part of town, and definitely a place to think about when I start working on my own cafe.

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  1. That cafe was GOOODDDDDDD! I want to go back there!