Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 299 (UC Irvine)

The family and I drove to Irvine today for my little brother Brian's graduation. Have I ever mentioned that I hate graduations? The traffic on the way to Irvine was insane, and we had my two nephews with us, so we had to take a 1/2 hour potty break on the way there.

UC Irvine is huge, but not as big as UC Berkley. Still, you could probably fit about 10 SFTSs there. The graduation itself wasn't so bad. The commencement speaker was actually interesting and the ceremony wasn't too long.

Afterwards, we had dinner at this ramen place. It's not like the instant top ramen that you make at home; this is the real thing. It was really good! But, I think that the broth was made from pork, so I didn't drink it. Hopefully it wasn't enough to cause an allergic reaction. Yes, I am half Chinese and half Filipino and I am allergic to pork. It's an epicurean tragedy of epic proportions.

For dessert we had this shaved ice thing with evaporated milk, strawberry syrup, fruit jelly and sweet beans. The whole experience was really fun. Now I'm hanging out at Brian's apartment for the first, and more than likely last since he's moving out in two weeks, time watching the nephews play Castle Crashers. We'll probably head home in about an our and get back about 3 in the morning...

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