Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 314 (CM Russell)

We went to the CM Russell Museum in Great Falls today. Charles Russell is a famous "cowboy painter," but this was the first I'd heard of him. The museum is attached to his house and the log cabin that he used as a studio, and we looked at those first. The cabin had some Native American items in it, and I think part of it and the house were supposed to be set up the way they would have been/might have been set up when Charles and Nancy Russell lived and worked there.

The museum was mostly of his stuff, paintings and sculptures, some of which was quite whimsical, like the statues of the gnomes (I'm not actually sure what they were), but there was some stuff from other artists, including some local artists. There were other exhibits, including more Native American items and a section on the history of the bison.

Afterwards, we went to the MacKenzie River Pizza Co. for lunch. The pizza was pretty good, but even more important was the fact that the decor helped give me some ideas of what I might want my cafe church to look like in the future! What do you think?


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  1. i love a lot of charles russell's art.... it's wonderful...

    and so much for ryan.. i guess the grizz got the better of him! :P