Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 310 (Grizzly Bear)

More pics of Yellowstone.

AND! My very first real live encounter with a grizzly bear! I can't believe some people (including my parents!) were getting out of their cars to take pictures of it!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: We were totally not prepared for the colder aspects of the Yellowstone summer, although we should have since the last time we were here, it was July and it snowed.


  1. Rocking Bison shots! Don't worry about the bear and your parents, they only have to run faster then the closest people. That's still too close for me.

    I have the official "Where in the US is Charles Wei?" map going at my desk to try to keep track of you and show off to my coworkers along with highlight pictures (...they think the bear watchers were dumb too.) :-P

  2. Ah yes, the big dumb slow sloth that is a grizzly bear... until those morons realize the only part of that statement was the big part. That 5-600+lbs of devastation runs 40 MPH (almost three times as fast as the average human) and could close the apparent distance of this photo in about 5 -10 seconds. good job staying on the other side of the road Chuckles.

  3. BTW: My last Griz (300MM lens and a high Mega pixel image zoomed in [momma didn't raise no foo, I stay away from the Griz])