Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 306 (Calico)

Calico is a ghost town that I have passed several times going to and from Las Vegas in my life. I've always wanted to go there, but the people that I was traveling with didn't want to stop. So, since this is my road trip, I made sure it was the first stop. It was a little more "Disneyland" than I expected; it looks like it's run by the national park service or something. I was hoping for a bunch of abandoned buildings that I could explore with not very many people around. One thing is for sure, IT WAS HOT! It was fun though, not to pricey but you literally have to fork over a little bit of cash for every little thing you do.

It started out as a decently sized silver mining town, with over 20 saloons and even it's own Chinatown, but it's current population is now only 9.

My Asian gene kicked in a couple of times when my dad tried to take our picture, forcing me to take a picture of him taking a picture of us. XD

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  1. That's pretty cute! What a crazy little town. It does look like it was hot. It's hard to believe that people used to live there with out AC...we are so spoiled. :-)

  2. They probably spent a lot of time hiding in the mines