Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 311 (Bison Crossing)

Last day at Yellowstone.

I saw 2 elk this morning with their calves, but I wasn't quick enough to get my camera. This is the next elk that I saw today. She got kind of freaked out because she was surrounded by people at one of the geyser basins. After her, we started seeing elk everywhere, but no babies :-(

There are periodic traffic jams throughout the park because of animal sightings. We got stuck at the exact right place for this one, a herd of bison with their babies crossing the road! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. At certain points, the bison were less than 10 feet from my face!



  1. Wow!!! I can't believe they got that close. They just don't give a flying fig newton about cars and people...that is pretty cool.

    The pools are interesting and sort of gross too...the slimy ones with all the bacteria anyway. The formations are sort of mesmerizing.

  2. Danger! Danger! Bison look docile, until you do something to make them mad and you are being crushed into he ground by 2000+ lbs (read: one ton!) of solid muscle.

  3. LOL, I know I only left Yellowstone today, but looking at these pictures makes me miss it already...