Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 119 (Mountain Dew)

I woke up this morning around 11:00. Personally, I am going to blame the Mountain Dew which was brought to the D&D game by Ian... so I am going to blame Ian as well. But, also had a Cherry Coke during the game, as well as some black tea before AND after. This is well beyond the amount of caffeine I would consume in a day. If anything, I have ONE black tea. But, I was feeling a little drained because I am not totally well yet, so I thought, "Why not? Faith drinks Mountain Dew all the time. She talks about it all the time. Maybe it doesn't taste as bad as I remember it." It does. The caffeine kept me up until 3 am.

After a hot shower to release the phlegm that had been building up through the night, I called Faith and we started studying for the Old Testament final on Tuesday. Somewhere in there I managed to cook some red curry with beef, shrimp and squash. It turned out really good. I ended up studying for about 4 hours, which for me is actually really good. Hopefully I won't get sick before finals next year.

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