Friday, December 25, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 131 (Christmas Day)

I feel bad for all of those people who dread the holidays because they have to see their crazy families. It's hard for me to understand because I love spending time with my family. The Fabians, our old next-door neighbors from Oxnard, came over tonight to have Christmas dinner with us like they do every year. We played Apples to Apples afterwards, one of the best games ever made.

It takes less than 5 minutes to explain, and pretty much anyone that knows how to read can play; we've played with six and seven year-olds before. But, this game is also great for older people, because things like innuendo, sarcasm and irony come into play. You can literally play this game for hours (which we have), and it gets even more fun when you've been drinking XD. The only problem is that depending on how many people are playing, you can cycle through the cards pretty fast, and it's not as fun when it starts getting repetitive.

Everyone is watching Year One right now. I tried to watch it, but it's not really my kind of humor. I love Michael Cera, but Jack Black is annoying as hell to me. (sorry if you're a fan.)

Got pretty run down today, probably because I didn't go to sleep until 7am this morning, LOL. I should really treat myself better, especially considering that I'm not totally well yet. A little over a week left for winter break. Geez, it went by fast!

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