Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 230 (Peepshi)

One of my facebook buddies posted a hilarious link for "peepshi" the other day, and I thought this would be a wonderful activity for Easter. Peepshi is, of course, sushi made with peeps. Because the flavor profiles of seaweed, soy sauce and wasabi does not really go very well with peeps, the instructions call for Rice Krispies Treats instead of rice and Fruit Roll-Ups instead of sheets of seaweed. It goes on to say that peeps are "sassy enough on their own," and do not require substitutes for wasabi and/or ginger. I think pre-packaged Rice Krispies Treats are foul, so I made some from scratch. I don't really understand the concept of buying something prepackaged that takes literally 5 minutes to make and tastes much, much, much better when homemade.

Anyway, the results are in the picture above. There's something incredibly sick, twisted and wrong, yet immensely satisfying about mutilating peeps to make sushi. Until next time, may all of your cooking adventures be soft, sticky, sweet and unnaturally colored. Happy Easter!


  1. charles, this is is how much i love you.

    i have two packages of frozen lumpia wrappers, imported from the philippines, purchased at the seafood city in eagle rock.


    have you heard of "peep jousting"? you should look it up on youtube, and then we should try it... i have a bunch of peeps in my apartment!!

    love to you! happy easter! see you monday!

  2. this is sick. you are a sick, sick man. peeps /= raw fish! also hilarious.
    -Katie Buck

  3. ROTFLOL!!!(...and apparently typing.)

  4. This is funny and scary and sad and hi-lar-ious! If you have a microwave you never want to use again, you can blow them up. Or, you can just strap them to firecrackers and send them into oblivion. Does anyone actually *EAT* peeps? I think that that would be oh, so unoriginal.

  5. The peepshi actually taste pretty good! The rice krispies treats are homemade, and those are ALWAYS good, and the fruit roll-ups add a tasty zip.