Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 233 (Infant Baptism)

My Christian Education professor told us a really cute story today. She was helping with a baptism of a toddler named Nancy on Easter Sunday. Usually, Lutherans baptize children as infants, but there was some visa problem with getting the girl's grandmothers over and they had finally managed to get one grandmother to the United States, so they decided to go ahead with the baptism.

So the pastor was holding Nancy, which was already a problem, because Nancy the toddler, as the professor put it, "Was on the go."

The pastor poured a scoop of water on Nancy's head saying, "I baptize you in the name of the Father," and Nancy looked up at her with a surprised expression that said, "Why are you pouring water on me?"

The pastor got another scoop of water and poured it on Nancy's head saying, "The Son," and Nancy made an indignant, "Ah!" sound. Everyone had to hold in a chuckle.

The pastor had to do one more scoop to finish the baptism. She she poured it on Nancy's head saying, "And the Holy Spirit," and Nancy pulled in a breath and scrunched up her face, about to cry. But, she decided not to. The pastor looked down at her and smiled and said, "You're very brave."

Hopefully, I'l get to experience moments like this when I'm a pastor.

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