Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 243 (Party Day)

Oh, seminary is just too much fun sometimes.

There were two parties going on at the same time today. One was at Annette's house, our Old Testament professor. She made some great pasta for us and the wine was flowing. Great conversation, lots of laughs. I named Annette's couch Grabcuck.

Unfortunately, we only had one person show up from the GTU. He was really cool though, Brother Matthew from the Dominican School. He stayed until the end, past midnight. Afterwards, I showed him around the school.

Erin was having her birthday party at the same time and some of them showed up at Annette's.

After giving Brother Matthew the tour of the school, I came back to Holy Ground and discovered Ian, Chris, Gavin and Heather teaching Tom how to dance. I think you can imagine what I'm watching right now.

The Carebear picture if for Annette because she didn't know what they were when we were talking about them. XD


  1. oh my... i can only imagine the dancing lesson!

  2. I couldn't leave! I was too funny! We're supposedly going to a club tonight, so the dancing extravaganza will continue