Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 247 (My Mother's Eyes)

So, after being annoyed about not feeling comfortable with sharing my poem, My Father's Eyes, I figured out the perfect solution! I wrote another poem called My Mother's Eyes, using feminine images for God. The two poems can now exist as a duality and I no longer have to worry about any "inclusive language" issues, because I think from now on, I should recite the poems together. I didn't have enough time to memorize it, but as Christina says, there is no reason I can't read it to the group. For those of you who were not able to make it to poetry night, here it is in all of its newly written glory:

My Mother's Eyes

I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes,

Made by her plan, made by her will,

Whether you measure by wit or elation,

Or by faith or by station,

I am unique in all of creation.

I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes,

For she is the wisdom that created the world,

She created all in heaven and Earth,

And she was there with me on the day of my birth,

The water, the fountain from which I draw worth.

I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes,

She looks right to the core of me,

She sees the truth that resides there,

The love and the warmth, the compassionate care,

The insecure heart with its own cross to bear.

I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes,

And she forgives what I’ve done,

No sin is too big for her,

No trespass too much for her,

No wrongdoing or evil too bad in this world,

For she is my mother.

I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes,

A glorious spirit of mercy and grace,

With her as my center and her as my base,

I will journey on ‘til we meet face to face.

Because I am beautiful in my Mother's eyes.


  1. Charles, I meant to comment on your other post about feeling anxious about doing "My Father's Eyes" because of the gender language. I think both poems are great, and thank you for doing "My Father's Eyes." I feel like "inclusive" language for God should allow whatever is comfortable for you, so thanks for trusting enough to share your work!

  2. I think this was a good solution, since it allows those that view God as a feminine force can appreciate its sentiments as well. As an "outsider" it is interesting how my interpretations of maternal warmth, compassion and love are slightly different from reading it in the masculine.

  3. Thanks guys!

    I purposely wrote "My Mother's Eye" trying to keep a feminine perspective in mind. I just hope I wasn't being too stereotypical.