Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 248 (Full Inclusion)

We had a Student Association (SAC, not sure what the "C" stands for) meeting today. There were several issues that came up, but one that really struck home for me was the discussion of an LGBT Inclusion Policy. Here is the text:

San Francisco Theological Seminary, as a seminary of the PC(USA), as an academic institution preparing faithful followers of Christ for enacting God's will on earth as it is in heaven, and as a community of committed Christians to the radical inclusivity exemplified in the life and teaching of our Redeemer Jesus Christ stand firmly and in solidarity with our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sisters and brothers in our community of SFTS, state of California, nation of the United States, denomination of Christianity, and world of our Creator in, with, and through the power of the Holy Spirit which has firmly convicted us with righteousness and holiness in this endeavor.

Now, I am aware that this is not the typical language you would find on such an inclusion policy, but as several people pointed out, the chance of this policy getting adopted "as is" is pretty much slim to none. I'm sure it would have to go through several committees and rewrites and hopefully, if the school would even go for it, it would bear at least a passing resemblance to its original form.

The point of bringing this up with the administration, I believe, is simply to get some dialogue going. There was some resistance to even this phase of the action, however, because some of the student body might not be on board with it.

I wish I could have joined in on the discussion, but as people were talking, especially when they were defending the policy, I found myself getting quite emotional. I knew that if I started talking about it, I would probably not be able to hold myself together.

While I wish I could say I was surprised by some of the things that people said against the policy, I guess I have to say at most that I was disappointed. One of the arguments against presenting the policy to the administration as coming from the students is that there are some students that might not agree with such a policy.

My question is, "So what?"

Since when did the church teach us to cater to those who want to keep oppressed people oppressed? Did Jesus not reach out to those who are suffering and in need of help? Aren't we supposed to do what's right, regardless of what other people may think of it?

I am so tired of being an "outsider." Why is it okay for the world to shove me into a box labeled "different and unworthy?" I am a human being and I have the same worries and concerns about life that anyone else does.

It is not okay to treat me like this!


To anyone that disagrees with me, you better brush up on your theology, because you will have to answer to God at some point. I do not say this as a threat, only to make sure that people have thought long and hard about their personal beliefs, where those beliefs come from and what they do with them.

I'm tired of being society's punching bag. Gay people! Listen up! We cannot sit on the sidelines anymore. Do you want your rights? Go out there and fight for them! Do you want people to treat you with respect? Then DEMAND that they do!

The world is changing and one day these issues will no longer be issues. I would simply prefer they happen sooner rather than later.


  1. I got the chills reading that. Thanks for your presence here and all the ways you add to the life of this place. I'm with you on this one: sometimes we just need to push on and our detractors can suck it up. you rock charles. (also, the C is for council. Student association is all students, SAC is the council).

  2. LOL, thanks! Now I can tell Faith, cuz we were wondering what the "C" was for! XD