Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 250 (Lawn Dogs)

I finally got around to sharing my favorite movie with some people today, although to be fair I did already show it to Terra during the Christmas break. Please don't judge this movie by it's cover art or the description on the back. Whoever designed the DVD cover created an epic fail!

Lawn Dogs is a modern day fairy tale centering around 10-year-old Devon and Trent, a professional lawn mower in his early twenties. The two loaners discover in each other a kindred spirit and their friendship seems inevitable, however the community does not take to this. The movie is haunting in its imagery and sound, lingering with you long after you have seen it, and the symbolism run as deep as any story you can possibly encounter.

If you have not seen this movie, I beg you to please give it a chance. As an Indy Film, its quirkiness will not appeal to all, but its message is one that needs to be heard by all. And, although this message may not be immediately apparent at first, but it sinks deep into the psyche, to help grow and change all that see it. And, this is what all good movies should do.

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