Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 246 (A Sudden Rain)

I had no idea it was gonna start raining today. We were just sitting quietly in Holy Grounds playing Word on the Street, a fun game where you try to take letters off the board by thinking of words according to categories determined by the game. I lost twice, but my brain shuts down pretty fast in high pressure situations. (there was a timer O_o)

Marshmallow would like to remind me that I did in fact lose twice.

Anyway, it's pouring rain now and it's a hour and a half past midnight and I need to walk home. Totally unprepared. Oh well, at least the next things on the agenda after walking through the rain is shower and sleep, which I really need cuz my allergies have been acting up today, which is weird cuz I don't normally have an allergy problem.

Back and tattoo are doing okay for anyone keeping track. Neither is totally good, but I think things are going well. Earl the burl (that's what I named the redwood burl I bought from Muir Woods that grows redwood shoots) is 6 inches tall now! I really hope he's not a temporary thing, but I don't know if redwood burls grow roots.

Alright, nothing spectacular today...hopefully there will be more excitement tomorrow! XD

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