Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 244 (Notes From a Wingman)

Ian, Gavin, Ryan and I went with Chris to a club called Temple last night to celebrate Chris' birthday. It was a pretty neat club, but, and this is weird coming from a gay guy, it was a bit too much of a sausage fest, because Heather bailed on us. Gavin and I finally managed at one point to get everyone on the dance floor, but it was a little awkward dancing with 5 straight guys. We really needed a girl there to get everyone into it, or I could have used another gay guy to dance with. I danced by myself quite a bit last night, but it's just not the same as dancing with another person.

We had dinner there first so that we wouldn't have to pay the cover charge to get in. I got a Kobe beef burger, which was to die for! After dinner, they converted the restaurant into a dance floor and opened up the other levels. It had a great ambiance and three different areas with different kinds of music.

Early on in the night, this girl came up to me and just started talking. We talked a bit and I asked her to dance with Chris for his birthday. She ended up talking to her for like 15 minutes, and then she ended up going onto the dance floor with Gavin. I'm not really sure what happened, but they ended up coming back in like 30 seconds. Then she went out onto the dance floor with Chris, but the were out there for an even shorter period of time. Then she left.

We saw her throughout the night dancing (among other things) with various men.

I figured I should try again. There were two women, quite pretty, who had been sitting on a couch the whole night. I figured they were just waiting for someone to ask them to dance. So I asked one of them if they would dance with Chris for his birthday. She asked how old he was, and I told her, and she laughed, saying she was too old for him. Strike two.

I didn't really try again after that. I think I need to brush up on my wingman skills.

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