Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 242 (Back Pain)

I haven't written about this yet because there have been more important things to write about, but I totally tweaked out my back on Monday. When I was getting out of the van at the GTU, I was bent over like an "L" because I was sitting in the back seat, and when I got out and straightened up, there was an explosion of pain in my lower back. You know how sometimes pain can take your breath away, especially when it's unexpected? It was like that. And, I had nothing to compare it to, because I've never had back pain before, so I was worried that I might have done something really bad to it.

I waddled to class, trying not to move my back, but it only really hurt when I changed position from standing to sitting, or from sitting to standing. So, when I got home, Katie Buck gave me some ibuprofen and I went to bed, worried about what I would feel like the next morning.

Luckily, when I did wake up the next morning, my back was just kind of achy. When I woke up yesterday, it was a little stiff and a little sore, but otherwise okay. This morning, it felt mostly normal, not 100%. I'm just trying to be careful with it. Don't really need to add that to my list of issues.


  1. See we turn 30 and the wheels fall off!

  2. I totally thought I was on the road to recovery, but then a few minutes ago, I got up too fast and I think I'm back at square one O_o