Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 251 (The Shack)

I started reading The Shack last night, and felt compelled to finish reading it this morning. It is the story of a man who experiences a terrible loss in his life and God reaches out to him in the form of a note asking the man to come visit God in a shack. When the man goes there, he is greeted by a large African woman, a Hebrew man and an Asian woman. The result is an intense emotional journey that transforms him to the core of his being.

To say the book is good would be a severe and unfair understatement. There were several times that I had to put the book down and just cry before I could pick it up and continue reading. I know I ended my last blog with a plead for any readers to watch a specific movie, and I feel the need to do the same for this book. Please, please, please read this book!


  1. yay! i loved it, too. Although it ends with a lie... there ARE no traffic lights within 50 miles of where the supposed final scene takes place. My internship site was in Lostine, OR.. just a few miles away... and I read this book just before I went on my interview/check-it-out visit. It definitely helped push me toward going there =) especially the notion of the playful and improvising God who works with whatever we give [her]!

  2. The book was so amazing! I'm gonna get a copy for each of my siblings!